Member & Partner Ethics | Music Mark

These ethics take, as their starting point, that members and partners strive to meet their legal obligations and moral expectations in providing or supporting Music Education. These would include explicit commitments to equality, diversity and inclusion, safeguarding and child protection, confidentiality, data privacy and respect for individuals’ dignity.

Music Mark expects that all its members and partners will:

  • Work individually and collectively to actively break down real and perceived barriers of all types, and facilitate participation in many forms of music by all children and young people;
  • Seek out and pursue partnerships to enrich and inspire learners 
  • Liaise openly with the local music service or Music Education Hub when working on their ‘patch’;
  • Exploit opportunities for joint or mutual promotion
  • Recognise and celebrate success in the many different forms it can take,
  • Enable staff and volunteers to benefit from music-specific training and development and encourage participation in local, regional and national professional networks;
  • Participate constructively in meetings and events, contributing their knowledge and experience to debates and helping seek solutions for the sector;
  • Support and reinforce Music Mark’s advocacy work at all levels;
  • Advocate widely for rigorous Music Education in all its forms.

Members and partners will not:

  • Denigrate Music Mark, its members or partners, or represent them in a negative light;
  • Promote themselves to each other’s members, clientele or employees for purposes of predatory recruitment,
  • Share Music Mark’s intellectual property (e.g. member-only or paid-for resources) with anyone who is not entitled to benefit from it;
  • Comment, write or speak publicly about Music Mark’s information prior to publication;
  • Misrepresent or misappropriate Music Mark’s intellectual property including logos, data, information or publications for reputational or financial gain;
  • Misrepresent their relationship with Music Mark or any member or partner to suggest an endorsement which has not been agreed in advance;
  • Act in a way which brings music education or Music Mark into disrepute.

Members’ and partners’ commercial activities

Music Mark confirms that nothing in these Ethics is intended to (or legally can) limit members’ or partners’ commercial activities. Members and partners should, however, conduct their commercial activities with other members and partners within the spirit of these Ethics.

Breaches of these Ethics by a member or partner

Suspected breaches should be notified to the Chief Executive in writing, including sufficient details to enable investigation. The Chief Executive, when satisfied that a breach has occurred, may send a written warning or suspend the member or partner for up to three months. Any appeal against the Chief Executive’s decision must be made in writing to the Chair of Trustees.

Severe or successive breaches may be referred to the Board of Trustees, who may exceptionally agree to terminate the membership or partner status. There will be no option of appeal.

Any fees already paid to Music Mark will not be refundable for a period of suspension or in case of termination.

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